Group Piche is a key figure in the Canadian Construction industry. The company distances itself mainly as entrepreneur specialized in interior systems for institutional, commercial and industrial sectors.

Moreover, the activities within these specialties include: installation of steel stud, gypsum board panels, joint taping, insulation and sound damping.

A tradition of builders

GROUP PICHÉ rose from a beautiful family story. It began in 1999 when Janick, Yan and Yourik founded Group Piché. They pursued a beautiful and long tradition of builders, aiming to be the continuation of the family business known as Acoustic company Piché, which operated during more than 25 years in the construction industry.

Over the years, the company owners knew how to surround themselves with a competent team of workers such as estimators, project managers, superintendents, among other valuable support staff. Thanks to the experience and skills of this team, Groupe Piché is able to guarantee high quality performance that meets all clients’ expectations.

Nowadays, the well-known company has managed to stand out in Quebec as well as all cross Canada in the construction industry.

The vast experience had served to expand a division of residential construction and a general entrepreneur division. Group Piché is now expanded to four branches in different Canadian provinces.


We are more than entrepreneurs in construction: leaders in interior systems in Canada, we manage large-scale projects based on the expertise of our workforce and the importance of our relations. Moreover, Group Piché is also a family-oriented company, where all our employees always aim to reach the most audacious goals within set deadlines, in order to exceed our customer expectations.


Family Oriented
“Our employees are a part of the family in our company. We work towards their contentment, well-being and harmony. Our group spirit brings us closer to our customers and creates strong partnerships.”

“The quality of our work is based on our integrity, reliability and efficiency. We create relationships of trust with our customers based on our openness and honesty.”

“Our respect is echoed in the importance we invest in our professional relations as well as in the safety of our employees. Our commitment to our clientele urges us to honor project budgets and deadlines that have been entrusted to us.”


Become the leading interior systems company in North America from the expertise and work quality of our employees so that we shall soon become the reference in the domain, making of us a major partner in project execution of all scales throughout North America.

Janick Piché

Janick Piché

Administrative Vice-President
Yan Piché, B.adm. LL.L

Yan Piché, B.adm. LL.L

Yourik Piché, ing. / Eng., MBA

Yourik Piché, ing. / Eng., MBA


Credit: Jean-Guy Paradis, photographer